Welcome to Embedify

Creating new pages for your site can be a hassle, especially if you’re content-rich. Embedify aims to make the process easier and encourage users to actually read your website. Whether you believe in one-click webpage creation or not, Embedify is proof that it can be done.

How it works

We’ll peel back the curtain a bit and show you what Embedify does
and how with three core features:

With a single link and a Google Doc page, you can create a new part of your website with the press of a button and Enrich your content.
If you want to make sure your employees are reading through important documents, the reading trackers on every page will help collect the info.
Take the reins into your hands with access to the userbase and page layouts as well as tools to check the reading progress of each user.
Conversion from Google Docs
Tracking Readership Stats
Intuitive Admin Control Panel
Rule Your
You can use the handy control panel to see the lists of users and pages, change the company branding, track reading stats, and assign statuses to different users. You also have easy access to page creation from this same panel.
Each text will have a tracker at the end that the user has to interact with in order to prove their visit to the page. The appealing design incentivizes the user to click and the climbing numbers will turn the reading process into a kind of competition.
Create With
Literally all you need to create a webpage with Embedify is a formatted Google Docs file and the press of a single button. Deploying new blog posts or announcement pages becomes a breeze when you use the Embedify system.
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